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How to Watch Live TV on the Internet

There are many different ways to watch live TV over the internet and with this guide we will cover the three most popular methods. To get the best results when watching TV on the internet it is necessary to have a broadband internet connection such as Cable Internet, DSL, or FIOS. Watching any type of video over the internet requires a lot of bandwidth and this is why broadband is necessary.

The first and most popular way to watch television over the internet is through TV on Your PC Software such as My New Satellite TV – Recommended. This software allows you to watch thousands of live channels such as NBC, FOX, ESPN, and more on your PC. You don’t really need any extra hardware, you just download the software and you are good to go. The software does cost money, usually its around $50, however there are no monthly fees. Honestly this is the best way to watch live television over the internet because its just like having satellite or cable service on your PC, plus the software is very user friendly and easy to use.

The second way to watch live television over the internet is through the actual TV channel websites. Some websites such as CNN have live streams that you can tune into and watch in your browser window. The picture quality from live streams like this will not be as good as TV on your PC software, however programming is often free. This method is probably the best if you just want to check the news real quick, its not recommended and pretty much impossible if you want a wide selection of channels.

The third way to watch live television on the internet isn’t really through the internet, ok so we lied, however it is through your computer. If you have a TV tuner card you can watch cable and satellite broadcasts through your computer. This method is good if you have pre existing cable or satellite service and TV tuner hardware in your computer. Most computers don’t have this hardware, so if you want to use this technology you will have to pick up a tuner card at best buy or your local computer store.

There are quite a few options for watching live TV on your computer, however the only one that is really possible for everyone is getting TV on Your PC software which is what we recommend. Through this software you will get the best programming and the picture quality is superior to just about everything else. A tuner card can work for some people and if you are just looking to watch news clips you may want to just check out

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